About Insanity Trading

Insanity Trading is a quantitative hedge fund founded in 2014 by Peking University, Tsinghua University, Stanford University and Carnegie Mellon University alumni, along with Silicon Valley "FAAMG" tech giants and Millennium Management veterans. Based on extensive statistical analysis on China's and global capital markets, we built sophisticated quantitative trading models to systematically capture the widespread mispricing opportunities in a wide range of financial instruments including stocks, futures, forex and derivatives. Our research utilizes proprietary AI research platforms and industry-leading trading models. We are among the first to implement fully automated stock trading strategies in China's capital markets and have maintained lasting partnerships with the quant trading teams from multiple top-tier financial institutions. Our team are based in Beijing and Silicon Valley.


Insanity Trading 因赛尼狄投资成立于2014年,是由来自清华大学、北京大学、美国斯坦福大学、卡内基梅隆大学等知名学府,及硅谷”FAAMG”公司和美国千禧基金背景的专业投资团队组成的一家量化对冲基金。我们建立了复杂的量化投资模型,对国内外金融市场海量数据进行统计分析,综合利用证券、期货、外汇、金融衍生品等投资标的,针对市场中广泛存在的不均衡定价进行交易。Insanity Trading 拥有自主研发的人工智能分析平台和全球领先的交易模型,在国内率先实现证券交易100%程序化执行,与业内数家金融机构的量化交易团队达成合作,并在北京、硅谷等地设有分支机构。

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